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This is the story of a little chick who drew, drew, and drew all day.
Fresh out of its shell, we were already a pencil in hand.
Borrowing paths of a school of applied arts, he emerged with his apprentice diploma scribbler ... and a pencil under the wing.
Subsequently, many people have tried to deviate from its path, and make him get out of his head like drawing.

But nothing works, his mad quest for illustration was the strongest.
Piou Piou _ took his first scribbles a few years in an agency which published games on the internet.
During this time, he was asked to draw cows and pigs (vacheland, Funnypigs, ...).

But the big chick had always had a thing for elves, dragons and other little monsters not too bad.
So when too much away from the subject with his critters that do not exist, we rabâchait him constantly, he was tapped on the feathers.

Listening only to his reason, he decided to leave the nest, and took off in search of people who would like to believe his stories.

Soon he took to find gentle companions willing to listen, enjoying his illustrations.

It is known that his leg to show his dedication to the world youth!

It is said that today, the chicken crosses the giant kingdom to rescue books seeking to regain their color on white pages sadly.


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